Device Backup - How Important Are They Really? | iPhone Guy

Posted on 8th Mar 2021 06:32:58 in

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve received the all-too-familiar message that your device “hasn’t been backed up in x amount of weeks” or there’s “not enough storage.” Whether you own an iPhone, Macbook, PC computer, or iPad, you’ve probably shrugged off that message a time or two before,

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Why Cheap Repair Prices Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters | iPhone Guy

Posted on 8th Mar 2021 06:25:01 in

Did you drop your smartphone and hear the dreaded sound of your screen shattering? Or did you get a little rough with your charging tablet, and now the charging port won’t work? You’d think that would be the end of your stress, but then you search for a “device repair shop near me” and are bombarded with “LOWEST PRICE REPAIRS,” “REPAIRS

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These iPhone 12 Camera Tips Will Make You a Phone Photographer Pro

Posted on 8th Mar 2021 06:25:20 in

Do you enjoy dabbling in photography? Are you thinking about upgrading to a photographer-friendly iPhone? Then this blog is just for you! The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max have advanced camera features that excite both amateur and professional photographers alike. Keep reading to learn more about iPhone 12 camera tips and more.

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How To Factory Reset Your Phone To Sell

Posted on 8th Mar 2021 06:25:31 in

The smartphone market is dynamic, the older the phone, the lesser its value becomes. Newer models are released more frequently and if you’re planning to upgrade it's always a good idea to consider selling your old or unused mobile devices to get some extra money and finance your next purchase. 

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Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Mobile and PC

Posted on 8th Mar 2021 06:27:03 in

Need to boost your productivity this year, but you’re not sure what tools to start with? We understand! There are seemingly endless productivity apps available, with almost all of them offering you the latest and greatest tools. If you’re already struggling with getting all of your work done, you definitely don’t have time to sift through each and every productivity app and find one that suits you.

Luckily, in this blog, we will cover what we consider to be some of

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