• Location?
    The iPhone Guy
    841 NW Bond St #8
    Bend, OR 97701
  • Hours?
    Monday - Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm
    (Closed 1-2 for Lunch)
    Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment only.
  • Can I make an appointment without calling you?
    Absolutely! Please visit our "appointments" tab to set up an online appointment.

    *Please note, we will be happy to accept your phone calls too. Call or even Text (541) 525-2581.
  • Do you only repair Apple products?
    No! We specialize in repairs for MOST smartphone's or tablet's.
  • Do you have parts in stock?
    Yes! We have the following OEM or Original parts in stock today:

    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 3GS
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5C
    iPhone 5S
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6+
    iPhone 6S
    iPhone 6S+ - Coming soon
    iPad 1
    iPad 2
    iPad 3
    iPad 4
    iPad Mini 1
    iPad Mini 2
    iPad Mini 3 - Coming soon
    iPad Air 1
    iPad Air 2 - Coming soon
    iPod Touch 2nd
    iPod Touch 3rd
    iPod Touch 4th
    iPod Touch 5th
    iPod Touch 6th - Coming soon
    iPod Nano 6th
    iPod Classic 3rd
    iPod Classic 4th
    iPod Classic 5th
    iPod Classic 6th
    iPod Classic 7th
    Samsung S3
    Samsung S4
    Samsung S5
    Samsung S6 - Coming soon
    Samsung S6 Edge - Coming soon
    Samsung Note 1
    Samsung Note 2
    Samsung Note 3
    Samsung Note 4
    Samsung Note 5 - Coming soon
    Samsung Note Edge - Coming soon
    LG G2
    LG G3
    LG G4 - Coming soon
    LG V10 - Coming soon
    LG G Flex 2 - Coming soon

    Other smartphone and tablet models would require ordering the parts at this time.


    We are working hard to build our inventory
  • Warranty?
    Yes! All repairs and labor are backed by a LIFETIME warranty against defect for all iPhone, iPod and iPad parts. All other smartphones and tablets come with a 3 month limited warranty. If our parts fails in anyway, we will replace it for free under the lifetime limited warranty for iPhone's, iPod's and iPad's and the 3 month limited warranty for all other smartphones and tablets.

    **The warranty covers parts against manufacture defects on parts installed. If the part we install fails in any way, we will replace it for free under the warranty. iPhone, iPod and iPad parts come with a lifetime warranty against defect. All other smartphones and tablets come with a 3 month limited warranty against defect. The warranty is void if the device has been: previously opened or tampered with or has had previous liquid damage. Warranty does not cover physical damage or customer neglect. To help with the whole warranty process, we will keep records of your repairs and current damages. This helps us quickly identify your warranty and offer very quick turn around warranty repair process. The warranty is solely at the discretion of The iPhone Guy. If we believe that you may be trying to take advantage of our generous warranty process, we reserve the right to refuse warranty service at any time. This applies to all situation regarding warranty service. Thank you very much for your understanding!

    We hope that you never need to come back for any kind of warranty repairs but we are here to help if you do.